Rare Earth Elements

New Opportunities in Rare Earth Element Recovery from Coal and Coal By-Products

Kentucky River Properties LLC (KRP) is working in conjunction with Dr. Rick Honaker of the University of Kentucky Mining Engineering Department and other industry experts to commercially develop rare earth elements (REE) from Eastern Kentucky coal resources. KRP owns and controls coal and coal by-products in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and West Virginia, some of which have been found to contain high concentrations of REE’s.

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Wetland Mitigation Banks

Wetland mitigation banking is the restoration, creation or enhancement of wetlands for the purpose of compensating for unavoidable impacts to wetlands at another location. Wetland mitigation banking is commonly used


Industrial Complex

These blank canvases are prime for commercial development. Agribusiness, biofuel, renewables, or the future home of your industrial base of operations. Each site comes with unique advantages and challenges. The